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Post arriving shortly

Hello Readers:

There are severals things I could blame my absence on. However, I will just say after a December of food and Saudi winter…well I HAVE BEEN LAZY.


HAPPY 2014!

Happy Holidays!

Sending EVERYONE a very Happy Holidays!!


In some ways it doesn’t seem like the season at all here in Saudi Arabia.

However, we’re having a feast this evening on the compound.

Pictures of this evening and of weeks past will follow this weekend. I promise!( just been so busy with mid-terms).

Peace and continued blessings.
2014… He We Come! ( I’m so ready)


Views from Galata Tower

Some of the best views we received while in Istanbul were atop Galata Tower.
Now I must say, I didn’t expect anything less considering we spent 6 Euro to walk a couple hundred steps to the top of this watch tower!

All kidding aside, it is definitely a must if you want to get a great 360-degree look of the city.

I’ve created a Galata Bridge/Tower photo page located in N.Africa/Europe photo page.



A Walk Across Galata Bridge

We picked the perfect day to check out Galata Bridge and Galata Tower.
The sky was clear and the clouds were abundant.  Just cool enough for all the walking we did and just warm enough for us to spend extra time atop Galata tower(next post) to get some amazing panoramic views of Istanbul.


DSC05042 DSC05043 DSC05046 DSC05047

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Still uploading pictures and blog entries from my trip to Istanbul.  However, I had to include a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I had what could be considered an official Thanksgiving in about 5 years.
While living in Cairo and Daegu, friends and I attempted small gatherings filled with “almost’ mac & cheese, “barely resembled” stuffing, and turkey impostors( i.e. chicken).


Before everyone arrived.

Before everyone arrived.

Some of my co-workers/compound neighbors continue to amaze me with their ability to whip of some tasty meals in the middle of the Arabian desert. 

I prepared brussels sprouts with red onions, toasted almonds and squeezed lemon.  I love brussels sprouts, have for some time.  However, I knew that if the sprouts were cooked too long they take on a sulfuric taste.  So I researched online and found that squeezed lemon helps to perk up the buttery morsels.  And boy were they right.   I think I ate half a bowl in my apartment prior to getting them down to the clubhouse.  They were much lighter and the lemon juice made them bright.  At first I was unsure how others would take the new ingredient, but quickly got some nodes and smiles of acceptance. 

In addition to brussels sprouts, I prepared deviled eggs.   Nostalgia:  I must admit, I have never made deviled eggs.  It never really popped in my mind to prepare them for the holidays.  I think a part of this was due to the fact that my late aunt, Elizabeth Ann Trent, made them throughout my childhood for the holidays and by request( I’ll never forget when I had chicken pox as a child, she brought me over a dozen to cheer me up).  So after her passing, no one attempted to fill those shoes during the holidays as they would just not be the same.

Two days ago, I was sitting at my work desk and the idea came to my mind.  I felt this sense of connection with her and that I could in some way continue the tradition.   Needless to say, I found the perfect recipe online and they turned out wonderfully.  It was a proud moment!  I reached for my camera to snap a couple of pictures for the blog and what do you know… tears filled my eyes.

DSC05321 DSC05322

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, or the fact that in making the dish it dawned on me that my aunt has been gone for 15 years.  It was a somber moment, but made me feel so blessed for having so many great memories of her and the holidays. 

DSC05334 DSC05336

Like the sprouts, the deviled eggs were devoured by the guests, leaving only a few specks of paprika on the dish as evidence they once existed!
Blessed in so many ways.

Happy Holidays!

OH….And if any of you are wondering after 5 years:  “Hell to the NO!” regarding whether or not I miss Black Friday at Saks Fifth Avenue( Boston and New York, respectively)!  So glad that chapter has passed;)